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Student Lending Solutions

Whether you are planning to head off to college, mid-way through college or finished with school and looking to consolidate, CODE has the student lending solution for you.

Education Credit Line

The Education Credit Line is like a Ready Cash credit line designed for college students who need to fill the gap that Federal Student Loans, grants, and savings do not cover. Once approved, borrow up to your limit as you need it for school expenses.

Student Loan Refinance (powered by LendKey®)

CODE has partnered with LendKey to offer members a student loan consolidation option. Simplify your life by consolidating all those student loans into one low payment. Refinancing your federal and private student loans can help reduce your monthly payments or even help pay off your loans faster. Plus, enjoy these great benefits:

  • No application or origination fees
  • Make one loan payment, instead of several
  • Rate and term options to fit your situation
  • Discount for making automatic (ACH) payments

Co-signer release after 12 months of on-time, interest and principal payments, when requested.


You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You've graduated from an eligible school
  • You're refinancing private and/or federal loans
  • If you have loans for exam preparation classes (including LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE), they're not eligible for refinancing
  • You're a member of CODE Credit Union or are eligible to become a member during the online application process
  • You and your cosigner (if applicable) are US citizens or permanent residents
  • You meet the minimum credit score requirement

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